Have you struggled with...
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  •  Obtaining clarity on your vision and purpose
  •  Time management 
  •  Accomplishing your goals
  •  Confidence in your messaging, speaking, and writing 
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Sheli Gartman

Coaching Topic:
Breakthrough! Cut through the fear, noise and overwhelm to crush this challenge. 

SheliG is the Founder and CEO of Women Ignite International. She started in corporate America in a base level position, working her way into management and opening cities, against all odds. She set company records before launching her first of many businesses. She has been a business and human development coach for more than 20 years, and delights in helping people clarify their direction, find their superpowers, and unlock their full capacity. Sheli lives in beautiful Meridian, Idaho with her three kids and husband.  

Lisa Johnson

WILift Idaho Director
Coaching Topic: 
The Inner Circle Dial-Up

Lisa is a speaker, health expert and humanitarian. She focuses on success in all areas of her life so that she can support others in being successful, too. She is the director of WILift, our live and online networking hub. Lisa loves to geek out on anything health or anti-age related and ride her mountain bike! She is a believer that a positive mindset is everything in life. Lisa resides in McCall, Idaho with her spouse. 

Nique Callantine

WIMastermind Coach
Coaching Topic:
Letting Your Genius Drive Your Life Vision
Nique is a certified WIMastermind coach. She is an accomplished mindset and health coach and business owner.  Nique discovered early on integrity and alignment with one's purpose was the utmost importance. With degrees in psychology, business management, and a natural serial entrepreneurial tendency, she has found success in many settings, including rising to the top 1.5% of her network marketing company in just a few short years. Nique created the T.R.I.M. (The Real Ideal Me) movement to help people with nutritional habits and mindsets. She has guided many team members to develop and open brick and mortar nutrition smoothie stores across the country. Nique's insight helps others discover blocks, gather tools, and find success in business and personal goals, accomplishing all of this while being a single parent to 4 beautiful kids. 

Janet Ravenscraft

WICON Vendor Director & WIPublish Coach
Coaching Topic: 
It’s YOUR time to write! 

Janet is a book coach for WIPublish and the Vendor Director of the annual Women Ignite Conference and Tradeshow. She is a four time published author and has been mentoring writers for the last three years on how to write daily, push through their blocks and tell their stories. She’s happily retired from over 30 years in corporate america, now focusing her efforts on projects that give her joy and let her use her gifts and talents. She resides in Boise, Idaho and when she’s not traveling or supporting other Women Ignite Initiatives, she loves spending time with her family and friends. 

Tiffany Eller

WIMasterclass Branding Coach 
Coaching Topic: 
Your Brand: How to Nail It 

Tiffany is the head graphic designer and brand expert at Women Ignite International. She has been doing graphic design for more than ten years, specializing in branding for the majority of that time. Tiffany has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising Communication from Washington State University. In 2018 she began teaching artists and other professionals how to hone their branding strategies to be consistent, credible, and professional across all media. When she’s not at her computer, you can find her spending time with her family, creating art, and talking to her plants.  

Paige Wiscombe

Business Manager
Coaching Topic:
How to Stay Organized in Order to Optimize Your Time! 

Paige is the Business Manager for Women Ignite International. She got this position with her love of organization, attention to detail, and ability to manage multiple projects. She also consults other businesses on their processes and procedures. Paige is an Idaho Native and is also a graduate from Boise State University, with a degree in Information Management. Paige has a passion for diversity, world travel, fitness and the outdoors! She loves to bring significance to everything that she does! Paige resides in Boise, Idaho with her small dog, Ellie.  


WIMasterclass Livestreaming Coach
Coaching Topic: 
Go from FEAR to FABULOUS on Video! 

Jennifer (AKA “JennyQ”) is the leading consultant, speaker, host, and author in internet livestreaming. She has conducted over 450 live interviews on internationally known livestreaming shows. Over the years, she has helped professionals experience how livestreaming helps increase their authority, credibility, and top-of-mind awareness with their prospects and clientele.Her book, “Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand: Start, Master, and Monetize Live Video” debuted as a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

Trevor Allen

Coaching Topic: 
Breaking through Fear and Anxiety  

Trevor is a WICoach and the Messaging Manager at the church planting non-profit, Ardeo Global, crafting all things creative and communications. While creativity is something he cherishes and gets to operate in daily, his other strong passion is helping people overcome the strongholds and inner wounds that are holding them back from their full potential. When Trevor is not coaching or designing, he enjoys making kombucha, playing disc golf, knitting, hunting and playing his guitar! Trevor resides in Boise, Idaho.  

Sammi Tucker

WIMasterclass Communications Coach
Coaching Topic: 
The Heart of Connection

As a result of working with Sammi, people learn how to use their story to inspire, teach, and lead others. A near-death experience taught her every person has a story the world needs to hear. Your personal story is the most valuable business asset you have. Sammi is the WIMasterclass Communications Coach. She has more than 20 years of radio, TV, and public relations expertise. She is a certified Neuro Linguistics Programming practitioner and mindset coach. Sammi is a history-making Paralympic archer, an adventure junkie, and has never met a horse or dog she didn’t love.

Wendy Alexandre

WIMasterclass Sales & Marketing Coach
Coaching Topic: 
Deeper Connections lead to Sales 

Wendy is a small business coach who helps entrepreneurs make the leap from idea to launch and beyond. Wendy started her coaching business in 2016 after being in sales and marketing as an entrepreneur herself for more than 14 years. Her desire is to help other entrepreneurs deal with the often overwhelming prospect of starting a new business with limited knowledge of how to market themselves. Wendy is mom of a Brady Bunch, biker at heart, and sidekick to a man with a thousand voices. She loves all things travel and tries to seek joy in every moment!   
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How To WIN: Complete all challenges and exercises by the end of Day 30. 
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How To WIN
Complete all challenges and exercises by the end of Day 30. 
We will randomly select the winner from everyone who completes the challenges and homework.
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  •  Have tools to cut through the overwhelm and noise 
  •  Have heightened awareness of your purpose and calling   
  •  Have will have techniques to manage your time
  •  Have a community to support you to achieving your goals 
  •  Have increased confidence in your messaging, speaking, or writing! 
Plus you will have an entire tribe supporting you while you build your foundation for success and your mindset to sustain it! 

  •  Do I have to be on Facebook for this challenge? 
  •   Yes! This is where we build our tribe.  
  •  I ordered the T-shirt, when will I receive it? 
  •  T-shirts will be shipped after the WIChallenge starts. 
  •  When will  my refund be sent for the referral program? 
  •  These will all be processed together, after the challenge begins.
  •  Where will I turn in the homework for this challenge? 
  •  Through email, there will be more information inside of the Facebook group. 
  •  Where do I download my eWorkbook? 
  •  It will be emailed to you, but you can also access it in the online portal. 
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